Leviathan All Mountain Freeride 164

Leviathan All-Mountain/Freeride Borealis Snowboards 23/24

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Borealis Snowboards. Leviathan All-Mountain/Freeride

Extreme powder storms call for extreme measures. The Leviathan has your back. It’s extremely fun to ride, floats like no other and, a bonus, it lays trenches like no other can dream of.


At first, this 164cm-long missile can seem a bit overwhelming. But fear not, the Leviathan is simply fantastic and much more easy to ride than it looks. If you're the type of rider who doesn't really ride switch and likes bombing down pistes at mesmerising speeds and loves drawing lines in deep powder, you should seriously consider this board. The effective edge (length of edge in contact with snow when riding on a piste) is that of a 156cm board, making it super easy to operate. Once the board is gaining speed, turns initiate extremely easily and it feels like you are riding a far smaller board, with the added benefit of a wider sidecut radius, which means better grip and more stability at high speed. Carving is a dream with the Leviathan. You can do small, medium and large turns with no effort. Even at Mach 2, the edge-hold feels very secure whether you are a lightweight or a heavier rider. The structured  graphite Electra base is so fast, you will litterally overtake anyone on a piste, skiers included. And say goodbye to flat zones where you need to unstrap and push. When the powder gods have been merciful and the backcountry tranforms into the ultimate playground, the Leviathan becomes the absolute beast it was designed for. As soon as you hit some powder, the nose lifts up and the swallowtail sinks in, bringing you unmatched float, however deep the snow may be. The carefully designed rocker shifting to a cambered zone towards the tail is the perfect combination for perfect float and out of turns dynamism. Construction-wise, the Leviathan comes with the best of the best. Natural bamboo topsheet for added snap and reduced reliance on plastic (and it looks awesome), FSC© Element Core with added basalt rods for increased stability and pop, ultra-premium ligntening-fast Electra graphite base and that's just to list a few. This is gem for which no limits were set and it will take your riding abilities to the next level.


The super long tip and swallow tail are the perfect combination for both unmatched glide and quick agile turns in deep powder.
Thanks to its P-Tex 5920 graphite base with added structure, this gem is lightning-fast. Carbon Power Beams add stability whilst the Liquid Walls and Bamboo Topsheet dampen vibration for a smooth, stable premium riding experience.
The high-end construction, tail shield and FSC© Element Core make sure your board stays responsive and lively for many years.

  • Construction

    • FSC© Element Core
    • Structured P-Tex 5920 Graphite Base
    • Powder Storm Inserts
    • Carbon Power Beams
    • Bamboo Topsheet
    • VOC-Free Resin
    • Triaxial Fibreglass
    • Liquid Sidewalls
    • Flax Impact Pads
    • Recycled Steel Edges with ceramic finish
    • Tail Shield
    • Factory-Waxed with One Ball® Green

Board Size 164
Nose Width 31.2
Waist Width 26.5
Tail Width 28.5
Nose Length 32
Tail Length 20
Sidecut Radius (m) 8.3
Effective Edge 112
Set-Back (mm) 30
Weight Range

60-95kg /


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