Leviathan All Mountain Freeride 164

Borealis Snowboards. Leviathan All-Mountain/Freeride

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Borealis Snowboards. Leviathan All-Mountain/Freeride

The Leviathan is our ultimate powder and carving missile. Thanks to its distinctive shape and design, it is fast, precise, dynamic and extremely fun to ride. It's available in one size only, 164cm. Compared to a more traditional snowboard, the tip and tail are longer, meaning that the edge in direct contact with snow is comparable to that of a 158-160cm twin board. This makes the Leviathan easy to turn and manoeuver on piste. As soon as you gain speed thanks to the ultra-premium Electra graphite base, the full potential of the multi-radii sidecut and contact points is activated. The Leviathan then turns into the ultimate trench-digging weapon it was built for. The stability, control and feeling of security become mesmerising as you gain speed. As you shift your weight from one side to the other, everything is fluid and intuitive.
In powder, the long progressive tip and rocker hover like no other. The long swallow tail brings great stability whilst fresh snow flows through the tail's channel, contributing to the Leviathan's effortless powder-hovering ability. The board gradually becomes stiffer towards the back, meaning it can be driven with the back foot very efficiently, like a snow surf. If you're looking for a premium stable and precise board that can take you at mind-blowing speeds both in powder and on piste, the Leviathan might be exactly what you need.

  • Program

    • Powder
    • Big Mountain
    • Carving
    • Everyday Cruising
    • Sustainability

      • Certified FSCĀ© Element Core
      • Zero-VOC Resin
      • Developped in a carbon-neutral building
    • Construction

      • BLIZZARD CAMBER - This profile is ideal for deep powder float and solid grip on hard snow. Long front rocker starting from the front insert pack, mild camber down to the back insert pack and shorter rocker towards the tail for easier turns and switch landingss.
      • BAMBOO TOPSHEET - This board is equipped with a 100% organic bamboo topsheet, making it dynamic, reducing chatter/vibrations and offering a more natural feel to the ride. It also reduced by 40% the quantity of plastic present in the board.
      • ELEMENT CORE - Ultralight wood core made from a blend of special woods boosted with basalt rods. Thinner tip and tail for reduced swing weight. Dynamic, snappy and durable.
      • ZERO VOC RESIN - This board is assembled using Zero VOC Resin. It is a long-lasting and high-performance alternative to classic epoxy resins, with no harmful vapours.
      • SINTERED ELECTRA 4000 GRAPHITE BASE - This ultra-premium high-molecular density base is our ultra-premium option. Reach mind-blowing speeds on any terrain and snow temperature. High impact-resilience and great wax-absorption.
      • TRIAXIAL FIBREGLASS - This composite is weaved in 3 different angles, bringing precision, reactivity and stability to the board. High longitudinal and torsional stiffness.
      • BASALTECH - Organic biaxial basalt fiber made from crushed volcanic lava (no chemical process).
      • CARBON POWER BEAMS - Our carefully-studied carbon reinforcement matrix are designed for each board's needs. Wether the aim is to boost pop, stability or precision, these beams are the central nervous system of your ride, making it more dynamic and swift.
      • FLAX PADS - 100% natural flax pads placed on the wood core, under the bindings. The result: a more comfortable ride, less vibrations and fatigue and a longer-lasting..Thank you Mother Nature.
      • NEXT-GEN SWALLOW TAIL - Great maneuverability and stability in powder, optimal float, reduced swing-weight.

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