Wing foiling

We have demo wings from both Eleveight and shinn availible at Discounted prices. Take contact

Shinn wingfoils that are not in stock can be ordered and in the shop within 10 days


We are frothing on wing foiling and jumped in with both feet this Spring. We have tested a bunch of the best wingfoils on the market and like the Shinn Resurector for the excellent power and great upwind drive from the flatter profile in this years model. This really helps with reducing arm fatigue as the wing is pulling you more forward and less downwind. However if you want to ride in lighter winds we recommend the Shinn Escalator in size 4.8m and up as these have even more power and a reduced wingspan which helps alot in the larger sizes. With the new release of the V3 WFS (Wing Foil Series) from Eleveight we can offer a fantastic allround wing foil with oustanding stability and the best upwind performance we have seen. The Eleveight Wing Foil Series is also very popular with windsurfers as the bar/boom feel is very similar.

If you do not see exactly what you need listed here, then don't hesitate to contact us. We can have orders delivered in under 10 days.

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