Hand shaper, designed and developed on Jæren by us

If your looking for the perfect board to suit your riding style, level and size then we can get you on your dream board

Contact us for all all inquires - 41323432


Prone/wingboards up to 70 ltr - 13000 nok

Wingboards 70 to 100 ltr - 15000 nok

Downwind Boards 100+ ltr 18000 nok

We also often have a small selection of test boards for sale,

If your interested in owning one then send us a message/call or pop into the shop at tjelta.

Custom hydrofoil boards
Wingfoil board custom glade
Custom hydrofoil board

We can shape everything from prone foil, Kite foil, Sup foil, down winder and wing foil boards

Red Barron down winder foilboard
custom hydrofoil boards
Red Barron down winder foilboard
Hydrofoil boards
Red Barron down winder foilboard
Custom wingfoil board
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