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Living by the ocean in San Clemente, C.A., we struggled to find high-quality, protective sunglasses that also captured the cool, forever coastal vibe we loveā€”so we decided to make our own!Family-owned and operated from our California hometown, I-SEA Sunglasses handcrafts exclusive, limited-batch sunnies with Polarized + 100% UV Protected lenses at always-affordable prices. Designed to flatter any and all face shapes, our eyewear is made for those perfect days soaking up some vitamin *sea*, wherever you are.Enjoy the Sunshine & Stay Salty

  • Made to Keep Up with Your Active Lifestyle: As proud beach lovers and surfers ourselves, we designed our sunglasses to protect your eyes as you have fun in the sun! Be it for sunbathing, surfing, or fishing, our shades can be worn in all your outdoor activities!
  • Exclusive Designs Inspired by the Sea: Family-owned and operated from California, I-SEA handcrafts unique sunnies with polarized and 100% UV-protected lenses at affordable prices all year round. Enjoy sunny days at sea with trendy eyewear from I-SEA!

100% UV Polarized & scratch resistant

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