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I-SEA Sunglasses

I-Sea is the lates brand to Join us at Vision Outdoor lifestyle for Distribution and retail.

We are very excited to be working with this family run Cally company.


Living by the ocean in San Clemente, C.A., we struggled to find high-quality, protective sunglasses that also captured the cool, forever coastal vibe we love—so we decided to make our own!Family-owned and operated from our California hometown, I-SEA Sunglasses handcrafts exclusive, limited-batch sunnies with Polarized + 100% UV Protected lenses at always-affordable prices. Designed to flatter any and all face shapes, our eyewear is made for those perfect days soaking up some vitamin *sea*, wherever you are.Enjoy the Sunshine & Stay Salty

  • Made to Keep Up with Your Active Lifestyle: As proud beach lovers and surfers ourselves, we designed our sunglasses to protect your eyes as you have fun in the sun! Be it for sunbathing, surfing, or fishing, our shades can be worn in all your outdoor activities!
  • Exclusive Designs Inspired by the Sea: Family-owned and operated from California, I-SEA handcrafts unique sunnies with polarized and 100% UV-protected lenses at affordable prices all year round. Enjoy sunny days at sea with trendy eyewear from I-SEA!


We welcome CHANGE ROBE the award winner of best eco change robe to the shelves at Vision Outdoor Lifestyle.

The Change Robe Eco-Ultra® is the next level in changing robes.

Fully patented design.

Both the waterproof shell and the sherpa fleece linings are now made from recycled plastic bottles.The Change Robe Eco-Ultra® is the next level in changing robes. It has been carefully designed to be used for a multitude of sports and activities.  Its oversize design allows you to get changed with ease, keeping the weather out.Fully patented design. Both the waterproof shell and the sherpa fleece linings are now made from recycled plastic bottles. Each Robe is made from x 90 Plastic bottles or 2.5 kg of Ghost fishing nets!

From Mid January we will have Solite booties and gloves availible. Solite have just been awarded the titile of the best Bootie on the market by the heavy hitters at Stab mag. 

Vision join the Patagonia family

We are extreamly proud to announce that Vision can now offer you Patagonia. 

Patagonia is the leading brand when it comes to putting there money where there mouth is for protecting our home.

We will be starting small this season but we cant wait to bring you a full surf range aswell as venture into the outdoor clothing range.



Norwegien handshaperd custom Surfboards.

Our surfboards are handcrafted in Norway with unique designs tailored specifically for challenging the North Sea setting us apart and making Adhdsurfboards truly special. Except for that one time we made a board shaped like a turtle. That was a mistake.

Our goal is to keep surfing true to its roots and provide you with an authentic surfing experience, unless you’re looking for a fancy surfboard with a built-in mini fridge and Bluetooth speaker, in which case, sorry, we can’t help you.

We believe in providing a personal, hands-on experience. Our expert guidance and assistance will help you find the perfect board for your needs in the right conditions.

So whether you’re a professional surfer looking to ride the waves of self-esteem or just someone looking for a custom surfboard that will make you feel like a true surfing legend, Adhdsurfboards has you covered. Just don’t expect us to be too serious about it – we’re surfers, after all!

Contact us directly and let us help you find your perfect stick.

PS: Don’t be surprised if your board starts talking to you – it`s all part of the magic of riding adhdsurfboards

We are super excited to release the very first BIG AIR kiteboarding competition in Norway.


We are challanging tou all to go big this summer season and out boost your mates and all other kiters from around Norway.

Thanks to our sponsors we have some massive gifts to give to the winners along side with you getting the bragging rights as


The thruster D from Smoothstar

All models avalible at Vision

Feather fins land at Vision

Feather Fins HYDRODYNAMIC Surf fins

Hydrodynamic Series HD.

Over the course of the development process of this new design, the involvement and feedback from our International team, after many hours were spent testing in all conditions, has been invaluable. All this tried and tested in fluid tunnels and using the latest 3D technologies. The result is a fin different to any other fin.

RTM construction in aluminum panel, heart Hexa Core and epoxy resin provides a level of control never seen before, with unusual control at high speeds.

Featherfins Co. Europe

Feather Fins Co. Europe is a a European brand of surf accessories created by and for surfers.We do not spend money on advertising campaigns or marketing.
We do not pay millionaire contracts.
For this reason we can make high quality products at affordable prices.
Our goal is to support talented young surfers so they can achieve their goals with the best possible products.
In 2014 we launched the first surf fin packaging on the market in recycled cardboard with zero environmental impact and we are proud to see how in recent years, other surf brands have taken this idea for their products. This means we are doing things the right way.
Think smart, shop your local store and choose yours !
Designed in collaboration with our athletes, Featherfins Co. Europe offers a diverse range of surfboard fins suited to a variety of board models, wave conditions and surfing styles.View our new range of thrusters, quads, twins and Keel, Traction Pads, Leashes.

Available in three sizes.

Small (55 - 70 Kg) Medium (65-80 Kg) Large (75-90 Kg)

Sharpeye surfboards comes to Vision

Welcome Sharpeye Surboards Sharpeye Surfboards

We are super excited to welcome probably the largest name is surfboard building to Vision Boarding Company, Sharpeye Surfboards.

With team riders such as Jack Robinson, Filipe Toledo, Kanoa igarashi, Johane defray, Tatiana weston web and many more Sharpeye have once again show that its boards are under the feet of the most progressive and talanted riders out there. So along with winning Stab in the dark in 2021 with the Inferno dark matters board. Sharpeye boards are garantied to fill your stoke quoter.

Sharpeye surfboards Sharpeye Surfboards Norge

Yin & Yand of Gerry Lopes

Did you miss our movir premire ? Shall we do another ? get in touch

Stay hydrated with the new Surfstraw

Surfstraw Surfstraw only at Vision

If your into kitesurfing, Wingfoiling and standup paddling then this little drinking bottle and straw is a must. compatible with all zipfree and chest zip wetsuits, The Surfstraw will keep you hydrated and on the water longer. We have personaly winged and foiled for way to long and come in way to degydrated. So this sustainably made drinking bottle will put a stop to that.

Easy to use and wash you can also add sports aid, CBD oil or what ever you wish to help you stay in or on the water longer. 

Shinn world kites

We are very excited to introduce to you Shinn world. Voted 2021 kiteboard manufature of the year Mark Shinn 2 x world champion has been push the kiteboarding and wing foiling  world for years. With high quality and high performance shinn products should always be a part of your quiver. We will have a solid range of kiteboards but our mail focus will be on there new upgraded Wing and foil range. contact us for delivery updates or to demo any of there gear.

Welcom Shinn kiteboarding


Eleveight Kiteboarding back on Jæren

eleveight kites
Eleveight kiteboarding Eleveight Kites Norway

With deep roots from day one within the Eleveight kiteboarding story. We are over the moon to be taking on Eleveight as our main Kiteboarding brand. Anyone that nows me and my nearly 16 years of history withing kiteboarding now that Peter Stewie and Philippe Martin have suported me as a team rider under What was Best and Now there own Brand Eleveight. So to once be a sponsored team member for them, and know come back to the brand after 4 years away as a retailer for Norway feels very special and right. We truly can not wait to build Eleveight up and put the brand back ontop where it deserves. So Togethere with a pationate National Eleveight Team and Team Vision riders we will make sure your always on the right equipment and enjoying every session. 

Kanoa boards are on the way to Vision Outdoor Lifestyle

We are super stoked to announce that we have a selection of Cariuma Cabtiba pros on the way to Vision

cariuma catiba pro

Get a Pair of Sneakers, Plant 2 Trees

Nurturing the planet is a cause that’s very dear to us at Cariuma. That’s why we decided to start our own Reforestation Program in our founders’ homeland, Brazil, where the rainforests are home to an increasing number of endangered plants & animals. For every pair of sustainable sneakers purchased, we plant a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest to directly aid in the restoration and preservation of these natural habitats.

cariuma catiba pro Italo Ferreira
Sooruz wetsuits, Guru plus 6 mil Sooruz wetsuits

We are extremly stoked and very proud to announce that Sorruze wetsuits have finaly landed on the shores of Jæren.

We have already sold a huge amount of our stock through pre orders so we only have  limited sizes availible,

But no worries, we have already made a new order for the end of January. 

If your looking for summer suits then we have a huge selection of 5 and 4 mm Sooruze wetsuits arriving mid spring.

award winning Splitboards from Borealis snowboarding have landed in Norway

Borealis splitboards

We celebrate with a huge 30% off on our splitboard package deals

Koi splitboard pakke
Borealis Ramen express splitboard pakke
Borealis Alpine pro model splitboard pakke







- 100% natural and handmade in Munich - Biodegradable & sustainable without palm oil or soy oil - Free from petrochemicals and synthetic adhesives - Packaging made from 100% recycled paper fibers

A stone’s throw from the Alps is where they come from – Steffi and Julien. To be precise: straight out of Munich, the birthplace and hotbed of urban river surfing. The city where waves of cycling surfers have always paced through the city, heading straight for their next drop in. Come summer, come winter, may it be hot, may it be cold…may it be ice cold. Now 20 years later, Julien and Steffi meet again and join forces, waxing their surfboards together at the Eisbach.

With pots and whisks they first got to work, melting blocks of wax, moulding silicone templates. Inquisitive neighbours suspect they are concocting drugs. But the only highs they get are from their new surfboard waxes that they are continually testing on glassy waters across the globe. From wave pools and open rivers to the Atlantic Ocean. Experimenting with constituents, proportions and shapes has lead to their 100% natural surf wax recipe. Made in Munich, designed for the world, to keep our waters healthy.

Sharing is easy among friends, and when there’s little time and the journey’s far, then we break our wax in two, just like we once broke our bread. That is why this surf wax offers a kink – a piece for you, a piece for me. From cool to warm, from river to ocean. Whatever. WAX Z’AM. Get your feet on the board and always remember: Munich is connected to the ocean- somehow, somewhere, sometime.

Introducing Borealis Spliboards to Norway


 Borealis Snowboards is a French snowboard brand created in 2013 by Ben Hall, a French-English snowboarder who grew up between Geneva in Switzerland and the French Mont-Blanc Region. Through our 30+ years experience riding mountains combined with feedback collected from some of the best riders out there, Borealis is proud to offer you gear that is both highly-performant but also incredibly comfortable to ride. Each model has its own identity and style, created to match your riding experience and technique. Our unique hand-made equipement is built with premium sustainable materials such as natural bamboo, bio-based resin, sustainable wood and other alternative solutions.

At Borealis, we put a special emphasis on bamboo, it is light, 100% renewable and brings great properties to your ride.



 Our gear is shaped with high-performance in mind. When up on the mountain in variable conditions, approximation is not an option. Our award-winning equipment is tested and ridden by professional riders, snowboard magazines, snowboard shops and of course, happy Borealis owners.

As ethnobotanist and philosopher Terence McKenna once said "Nature is the great visible engine of creativity, against which all other creative efforts are measured".

Our shapes and graphics are created with this idea in mind: to offer original, well-balanced timeless designs that please the human eye, often inspired by naturally-occuring patterns, colours and shapes.


Sympl leashes are made with
Repreve™️ post-consumer plastic bottles.

Leashes made with durable, eco-materials create the most
reliable leash for goodness all around.

Sympl traction pads are made
with ECO-GOOD™️ foam.

When you are done with your pad, it will biodegrade
in a microbe-rich environment or landfill.
(not while your using it on your board)


We are very proud to welcome Surf Organic to our growing list of sustainable and enviromental focused products



Since 1999, we have been creating and developing products for riders and board sports fans. Soöruz is committed to creating and developing efficient and quality products by innovating together to allow you to live your passion to the fullest.

Soöruz was created by riders for riders. We are constantly innovating and adapting our products to the needs of riders by following the evolution of their sports and making products in direct cooperation with them. That’s how the “Rider’s vision” concept was born. It has become the official slogan of the brand.

Very early on, we took the environment into account in the development of our wetsuits.
First with bamboo and recycled polyester, then with the Yulex© based on waste-free, clean and sustainable natural guayule.
In 2016 our B.I.G. ecological suit will be released. (for Black Is Green) 100% Naturalprene.
In 2018 release of the BLUE Line School/Club eco-concept range, 1st school suit in recycled polyester and limestone.
In 2019, release of our GREEN Line wetsuit with a 60% bio-sourced foam based on oyster powder, sugar cane residues, natural rubber and non-food vegetable oil (Zero waste in production) 
In 2020, release of Oysterprene based on oyster shell powder in our most performing wetsuit range of suits, the GURU.
In 2021, democratization of Oysterprene in our best-selling ranges FIGHTER & DIVINE and the FLY +.

With more than twenty years experience Soöruz has developed a true expertise. It is thanks to a careful listening to its riders, clients and users, the Soöruz’ family, that the company is working to develop innovative and effective products.
Aware of the market’s transformations due to the current growing environmental stakes, the constant evolution of water sports practices, equipments and riders’ expectations Soöruz has decided to strengthen its R&D department. It is by closely working with its suppliers and experts in design, R&D, and eco-conception towards new products that Soöruz wants to innovate and find more effective products for a safety practice for today and tomorrow.

Surf Organic Tail Pads are made from recycled EVA foam and packaged using 100% recycled cardboard, Surf Organic strive for an eco-friendly high-quality product range for surfers.

Surf Organic tail pads are a high-strength, long-lasting, and extremely sticky adhesive for a long lasting stick. Designed with a steep kicker and arch bar, these three-piece traction pads are ideal for any surfboard type. 

Typical on a tail pad, the popular "Diamond groove pattern" adds extra grip and stability whilst feeling soft and comfortable on the foot.

Introducing Enara surf Fins and Traction pads cork based. Designed in south-west of France in collaboration with  professional surfers, probably the best combination of performance and eco materials on the market.

Years of surfing results with this ultra versatile shape, thinked to have the perfect balance between pivot, drive and release. Template classic, functional and well balanced with a cork heart who offer a good flex and lightweight to have a all around fin suitable most condition and surfer.

Made from mixed Cork and recycled EVA foam. The Enara Traction pads have a specific shape and an innovative tail kick curved/vertical designed to stick to your board more than ever

WE LOVE CORK - The most eco-friendly resources on the planet

- Cork is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, renewable and natural

- One of the best alternative to leather and plastics

 -The cork industry is neutral in CO2 energy

 -Elastic, impermeable & lightweight

 -It is naturally harvested from the cork oak (the bark repels itself naturally) without harming the tree

 -Then the bark is mixed to create the Cork agglomerate used inside our Fins and Traction pads



From the 3rd of July we are no longer allowed to use single use plastics in Norway.

That meens no more 

- Single-use plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks)

- Single-use plastic plates- Plastic straws - Plastic mixing/stirring sticks- Plastic balloon stick

- Cotton swabs made of plastic- Take-away food containers made of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam)

- Drinking cups made of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam).

Vision outdoor lifestyle have got you covered for your next adventure, afternoon latte, or your kids birthday party

We offer both cups and straws in high grade stainless steal from the wonderful company, KLEAN KANTEEN 

and reusable Bamboo cutlery from TOGO WARE 

Surf Organic Wax is a high performance, non-toxic board traction. Unlike most surf wax, which is made with petrochemical ingredients, it’s soy wax base is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly



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