Guiding and Lessons

Surf - kite - wingfoil - SUP


Make the most of your trip to Jæren with a personal Guide or private lessons.

We can talor make you a trip to Jæren you will never forget.



We offer 20%

discount on all our Kites, wings and foil gear after lessons

Learn to kitesurf on Jæren

Kitesurfing lessons. Private & small groups

Have you walked along the beaches of Jæren and seen the locals fly high in the sky and said to yourself id love to try that. Well you can and its not as crazy as you think. With a private or small intimate Group lesson we can teach you all the safty and have you flying a kite in no time. Then its to the water to learn body dragging skills befor you advance onto a board and possibly your first few runs out and back to the beach. We offer courses for complete beginers to advanced wave riders looking for coaching. 

2 day beginners course 4299 nok

Refresher course 2-4 hours. Prices from 1200 nok

Kite wave courses and coaching. Prices from 1200 nok


Wingfoil lessons in Stavanger

Wingfoiling lessons

Wingfoiling is probably one of the fasting growing and most accessible water sports in the world right now. Beleive it or not but its also alot easier and safer to get started than kitesurfing. This also means its not nesercery to have a expensive instructor or a day long course. 

 After a introduction to your equipment and with the help from our instructor we can have you riding on a large wingfoil board within your first hour and the rest its realy up to you and your determination. Our instructor will continue to help guide you with tips and help taxi your gear up the beach after each run and depending on conditions we should have you taking your first short flights up on the hydrofoil in no time.

lessons start from 3 hours to all day and start from 1600 nok pp. We only work with small intimate groups so each studet gets as much time on a board as possible. You can also pop into our shop at Tjelta and wingskate for free in the carpark.

Courses start from early April until the end of September. 

contact us at 41323432 or mail shop@visionoutdoor for bookings and info

Kiteboarding Guide

Kitesurfing Guide & session companion

Jæren is the one of the best locations in Norway for Kite Boarding/surfing and Wingfoil sports

If your visiting us on Jæren and want to get into the best Kite waves, Flat water or just a location to build your confidence and would like to have a guide or a coach to help you up your game and keep a eye on you so you dont kite alone. we have you covered

We offer Pickup at your hotel, train/bus station or home and will take you to the best location suitable to the days forcasted conditions and you skill level. We can help supply you with equipment if you dont have with you and deliver you back to your accomadation stoked.

Half day and full days availible

prices from per person, max 2 people.

1200 nok - 2400

Surf guide

Surf Guide - Companion

Jæren is the surf capital of Norway and holds the longest sand and stone beaches with a huge varriety of surf breaks for all levels and styles of riding.

We offer a range of services to help get you on the best waves for the days conditions and try to avoid the crowds while having a ton of fun

We can pick you up or meet you at our shop in Tjelta located next to Hellesto beach, Guide you along the beautiful cost of Jæren to enjoy the best waves the days conditions offers. Jærens has a terrible bus system so we can also arrange pickup from home, hotel or train station and take you to the spot of your choice then pick you back up with your gear when your done.

Maybe you have just started to surf and would like to have the company of a experienced surfer to help you catch more waves, feel safer and simply have some one take a few picture and talk to.

Prices very depending on distance and time. But prices are always pre agreed. If you need equipment we can also arrange rental.

Max 2 people as we dont want to crowd our chosen location and want to respect the local surf community.

Frafjor Sup and waterfall trips

Frafjord Sup tours and waterfall hikes

Situated only a 40 minute drive from Jæren is the magical and magestic Frafjord and Månafossen.

Together with our partner at Frafjord Sup & kayak center we can offer a full days activities that you will never forget.

We can pick you up at any Bus/train station, Hotel or even from your home. Drive you up through the beautiful mountains of Rogolands fylke Gjestdal, Through The tunnel and out into the breathtaking Fjord Frafjord. Here we will gear up in wetsuits and lifesvest, and with a short safty and introdution into Sup paddling we will paddle out into the fjord to take in every ounce of the magical views, waterfalls and even a few rock jumps if you brave enough there is to offer. After a few hours we paddle back to dry land where we will change and Drive 10 minutes up through the fjord to Månafosen. Only a 15-25 minute respectful hike we will come to a opening in the trees on the path where you will be welcomed by one of the ereas most spectaculer and stunning falls in southern Norway. Here we will take a break for a coffee and Photos and simply soak in the beauty. From here you can choose to take the extra 20 minute hike around the valleys edge to the other side of the falls to witness it from directly above. Or we can relax at a view point of your choice. 

From here we will drive back down to the beach at the Sup center for a swim, Jump of the pier and or relax befor we drive home.

Tour estimation is about 6-7 hours from pick up to return. But can be longer if you wish to fish and BBQ at frafjord.

Including coffee and Sup/wetsuit rental

Prices from 1400 nok per person, Groups of 2- 6 - 8

call 41323432 for all booking and info.

April - September

We have no controle over the weather so bring suitable clothing and water.

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