Koi All Mountain Freeride 160

Borealis Snowboards. Koi All-Mountain/Freeride

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Borealis Snowboards. Koi All-Mountain/Freeride

Introduced in 2015 as a tribute to Hokkaido’s legendary terrain and continuous powder-dumping conditions, the Koi has never ceased to attract new aficionados and rewards. It was created to excel in the deepest snow conditions and to challenge other boards of its category for its amazing carving abilities on hard snow. Its overly-sized tip built on a very progressive rocker allows for a mesmerising hovering ability in powder. The board literally flies over powder with total ease and control. Its mooon-shaped tail allows the tail to sink in the snow, producing that pivot effect that maintains the board afloat, however deep the conditions may be. Its relatively wide sidecut radius withe added Sidewaves brings the grip and dynamism you need to slice the piste like a katana. With its classic style and beautiful natural bamboo topsheet, the Koi remains a pillar in the Borealis line, representing both our love for nature and beautiful timeless shapes. It's an amazing tool for both powder and carving.

  • Program

    • Powder
    • Forest Runs
    • Everyday Cruising
    • Carving
    • Sustainability

      • FSC© Bamboo Topsheet
      • Certified FSC© Ultra Light Forest Core
      • Greenpoxy Bio-Resin
      • Developped in the carbon-neutral Borealis HQ
      • Borealis supports projects run by the EOCA (European Outdoors Conservation Association)
    • Construction

      • POWDER CAMBER - Huge front rocker that will keep you above the deepest snow, flat zone for more stability, positive camber down to the tail for powerful turns.


      • SIDEWAVES 2.0 - Two extra contact points are added to the sidecut to improve edge-hold and carve through tough and icy terrain like a blade slicing sashimi.


      • BAMBOO TOPSHEET - This board is equipped with a 100% organic bamboo topsheet, making it dynamic, reducing chatter/vibrations and offering a more natural feel to the ride. It also reduced by 40% the quantity of plastic present in the board.


      • PERMAFROST TECHNOLOGY - Through an exclusive process, the fibers of the bamboo topsheet are infused with Greenpoxy© Eco-Resin, making it impact-resistant and long-lasting.


      • UL FOREST CORE - Ultralight wood core made from FSC®-certified woods (poplar, paulownia) reinforced with bamboo rods. Thinner tip and tail for reduced swing weight. Dynamic, snappy and durable.


      • GREENPOXY© ECO-RESIN - This board is assembled using the Greenpoxy© Eco-Resin, made from 55+% of recycled biomass such as recycled vegetable oils and sawdust. This very low-VOC (volatile organic compound) bio-resin is a long-lasting and high-performance alternative to classic epoxy resins.


      • IS7200 SINTERED BASE - This premium high-molecular density base is our high-end option. Reach unprecedented speeds on any terrain and snow temperature. High impact-resilience and great wax-absorption. Flip-Flop: base often comes in reversed colour combinations to reduce base material waste.


      • TRIAXIAL FIBREGLASS - This composite is weaved in 3 different angles, bringing precision, reactivity and stability to the board. High longitudinal and torsional stiffness.


      • CARBON POWER BEAMS - Our carefully-studied carbon reinforcement matrix are designed for each board's needs. Wether the aim is to boost pop, stability or precision, these beams are the central nervous system of your ride, making it more dynamic and swift.


      • POWDER PAW - Long strips of intermeshed Kevlar© and carbon placed on strategic zones of the core reducing vibrations and making the ride smoother, just as a lynx's paw pads.


      • POWDER STANCE - Added 7th row of inserts for extreme set-back on powder feasts.

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