Sharpeye Inferno FT Darkarts

Sharpeye inferno FT Darkarts

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All sizes availible for pre order at 10% discount. Contact us for all orders. 

Darkarts are also a great alternative as a strapless kitesurfing board.

lead time 3-5 weeks after orders sent.

Unparalleled - Acceleration, Speed and Flow.

The Inferno FT (Limited Edition) from SharpEye Surfboards delivers you the world’s fastest surfboard with Unparalleled Acceleration, Speed and Flow.

An evolution of the Inferno 72, the Inferno FT features a Quad fin design with a medium single concave that runs into a deep double concave between the fins that flows into a flat exit through the tail. This bottom contour, combined with the same proven rocker from the Inferno 72, allows electric performance in a vast range of wave types and sizes.

Looking for Unparalleled Acceleration, Speed and Flow, choose the Inferno FT.

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