Karakoram Prime SL 11 to 14 Flex Lock

Large 11-14 Karakoram 2019/20 Alpine Prime SL with flex lock

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Karakoram Prime  SL spltboard binding.

The PRIME SL splitboard bindings are a tried and true high performance backcountry tool designed to minimize weight while maintaining riding and touring performance of your splitboard. Combining some of the best materials and features- the PRIME SL delivers some of our best technology and will deliver unmatched performance while you jet up the skin track and destroy lines on your way down.

The Prime System

Developed for performance snowboarding on solid snowboards and splitboards. We’re all about the ride down the mountain- Performance Matters. Every design change we make boils down to one simple tenet: gear should improve our experience. For us, experience is driven by performance. High-performance snowboarding is more than transport,more than just trying to get down the hill. It is dynamic, playful, aggressive, unpredictable, fluid.

Active Joining Technology

Binding Attachment

Karakoram riding performance starts with our Active Joining Technology which allows fast removal and attachment of bindings while maintaining optimal riding performance. When you close the Power-Link to lock your Karakoram bindings to the Quiver-Connectors (Ride Mode for splitboard), the Quiver-Connector (Ride Mode for splitboard) spring loads the binding to the snowboard generating pre-loaded contact points near the snowboard edges. In addition to pre-loading contact points, the Quiver-Connector (Ride Mode for splitboard) creates a wider connection to the board by extending the binding attachment points outside the traditional snowboard hole pattern. The combination of the wider connection and pre-loaded contact points prevents the bindings from flexing off the snowboard and increases your leverage to the edges of your snowboard, giving you more power transfer from less movement.



Sidehilling – no longer the bane of splitboarders. Simply flip the Flex-Lock lever to gain double the side hilling leverage. You’ve never been so powerful while touring in icy conditions. Flip the lever back to regain lateral flex to surf the mountain and kick your methods.

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