Borealis Horizon

Horizon - Borealis Snowboards 23/24

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

New board in the Borealis line, the Horizon is our ultimate high-end freestyle weapon. Hit the park, rails, the streets or the pipe with this ultra-dynamic board supercharged with pop.


The Horizon is a brand new all-mountain/freestyle board launched this 2023-2024 winter season. Shape-wise, it's a true twin, with zero setback. The blunt tips are great for ollies, butters and landings or occasional powder-riding. The medium sidecut radius with added mellow Sidewaves brings great grip without slowing you down when carving. The Horizon is set on our FS Hybrid Camber profile, which is full positive camber the whole length of the effective edge (contact points to contact points) with a short and mellow rocker zone right in the middle of that camber. This will help pivot the board more easily in powder without losing the benefit of a full camber profile. If you set the board flat on a table, the rockered zone will not touch the surface of the table. On the construction side, the Horizon comes with our tested and approved UL Forest Core (poplar/paulownia/bamboo) boosted with Carbon Power Beams and triax fibreglass. This makes the board super light, poppy as hell, responsive and aggressive. We use a structured DS4000 sintered base which is super durable, easy to wax and faster than your friends' boards. The Vibragum matte topsheet and Liquid Sidewalls cancel all unwanted vibration and chatter whilst the Glass Impact Pads protect the core from hazardous landings right where they are needed: around the bindings insert packs. The new Horizon is a premium versatile freestyle board created for intermediate to advanced riders looking to up their game in the park, on the streets, on rails, in the pipe but also on side hits and in the backcountry.


The FS (Freestyle) Hybrid Camber was specifically created for freestylers looking for more versatility. Watch out for its explosive pop.

The high-molecular density structured Durasurf 4000 sintered base is extremely fast and holds wax for a long time.

The high-end construction and Liquid Sidewalls make sure your board stays protected, responsive and lively for many years.

  • Program

    • Park / Rails / Pipe / Streets
    • Backcountry Freestyle
    • All-Mountain
    • Carving
    • Everyday Cruising
    • Powder Slashing
    • Construction

      • FSC© Ultra Light Forest Core
      • Structured Durasurf 4000 Sintered Base
      • Carbon Power Beams
      • Matte Vibragum Topsheet
      • Zero-VOC Resin
      • Triaxial Fibreglass
      • Liquid Sidewalls
      • Recycled Steel Edges with ceramic finish
      • Factory-Waxed with One Ball® Green

    • Board Size 152 155 158
      Nose Width 29.5 30.1 30.4

      Waist Width

      25.3 25.7 25.9
      Tail Width 29.5 30.1 30.4
      Nose Length 18 18 18
      Tail Length 18 18 18
      Sidecut Radius (m) 7.7 7.8 8
      Effective Edge 116 119 122
      Set-Back 0 0 0

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