Eleveight WSV6 6M

Eleveights WSV6 Wave/Freeride kites

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

● Three-strut Open-C Hybrid performance kite for wave, foil and freeriding
● Stable downwind drift and light bar pressure for carefree surfing
● Precise rapid turning for smooth and tight pivots
● Medium aspect ratio ensures enormous wind range and low-end performance
● Light bar pressure for single hand control and optimum surf experience
/ CHANGES for all kites
● No pulley on front bridle lines results in more direct turning impulse and bar feedback
● 10 to 15% lighter bladder material due to 75 micron TPU bladders made in Germany
● Overall weight reduction across all sizes
/ WS V6 Changes
● Pulley-less bridle for direct bar feedback and less bar travel
● New Wingtip shape for faster and precise turning
● Less AR and slightly higher projected area for smoother power generation
● Thinner TE batten reduces weight for a better profile adjustment
● Reduced LE tip diameter to avoid bridle catch
● 10% lighter bladder material made in Germany
/ DESIGN Vision
Our ticket to the green room with outstanding wave riding performance, the WS allows you to drop in,
then drift unobtrusively down the line.
Version 6 has revised wingtips that allow for faster more precise turns, and the pulley-less bridles give
more direct turning with immediate bar feedback. A further reduction in weight across the sizes helps
to ensure drift when riding the face of a wave. The huge wind range adds to its accessibility making it
a favourite for freeriders and foil addicts alike.

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