CS Auto Bar V1(large)

CS AUTO V1 Control bar fromn Eleveight (53cm)

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The CS Auto Bar automatically swivels as you ride, untwisting your lines and putting you more in control without the need to think!

Performance features

  • Intuitive four-line bar with optimum single front-line safety
  • Automatic untwist function for easy rotation
  • Square dual cavity tube with unified depower and safety line
  • Redesigned Quick-Matic II release system with new top swivel
  • Thermo-coated high-precision lines made in Germany

Innovative Auto Swivel

When it’s time to send it, the CS Auto puts you at the heart of the action without the need to think about control. When looping the kite, the hands-free auto untwist will automatically unravel your lines for you. The ceramic ball-bearing system intuitively corrects the front-lines position as you ride for worry-free sessions. Keeping you in the comfort of optimum safety and minimising wear and tear, the leash attachment swivels too, allowing you to stay free and fully focused.

Square-shaped Dual Cavity Tube

Redesigned for the optimum rider experience, the CS Auto bar is modern and light and ensures the highest level of safety. The square-shaped dual cavity tube houses both the depower and the safety lines, yet keeps them separated within the clean unified system. The surrounding TPU tube restricts friction on the lines for less wear and tear. The red safety line is integrated inside the TPU tube to prevent tangling and to give a clean bar setup.

Highest Grade Safety

We use the highest quality thermo-coated Dyneema lines made in Germany, which have minimum stretch and withstand the highest breakload. Our proven reliable clean cleat system, and the click-in Quick-Matic II safety release all come as standard.

Eliminating the need to worry about your control, the CS Auto intuitively pilots you to your best potential.

CS Auto Bar – Eleveight Sports

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