Borealis Koi Splitboard Pack 156 and 160

Borealis Koi / Karakoram Prime Connect grizzly Splitboard Pack

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KOI----This board is one of our founding models, launched back in 2015. It probably is the most distinctive boards of the Borealis line as its Japanese identity can be recognised through its name, its epic-looking Japanese wagara graphics, and of course, its riding program.
It is most balanced directional powder shape in the line. Long tip with progressive rocker for efficient lift in powder, wide sidecut combined with Sidewaves for precise and powerful turns on hard snow, short and nimble fish tail for swift, responsive turns in deep conditions.
This board rides like a dream in powder. Turn on a pin head in powder-covered forests, release its speed potential in wider open terrain. Lay deep trenches at mesmerising speeds on hard snow with this classic-looking next-gen weapon, ready to push your limits to uncharted territory.

Thanks to the long rockered tip, tapered shape and short fish-like tail, the Koi Split hovers in powder with ease and turns on a pin head.

On hard or/and icy terrain, the longer sidecut radius combined with Sidewaves bring securing edge-hold whThe Karakoram Grizzly is designed with a 'Laid Back' responsiveness. The binding combines a quick edge change with a more 'surfy' feel towards the tip and tail thanks to the 'Surf Sidewalls'. This gives you more lateral freedom of movement. The Air-Flow Highback is also designed for freedom of movement, making this the softest Karakoram highback with a lot of open space to save weight. All Connect bindings have an Open Chassis, which means that all non-functional material has been milled away. Not only does this save weight, but it also creates a more natural flex under the binding, which minimises the clattering of your board. Karakoram's Active Joining technique presses the binding onto your board, while the two halves are pulled together at the split. This ensures great responsiveness on your solid and makes a split look like a solid.

Universal skins from Kohla and ROX tur poles from Kong italy

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