Shaman All Mountain Backcountry Freestyle

Borealis Snowboards. Shaman All-Mountain/Backcountry Freestyle

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Borealis Snowboards. Shaman All-Mountain/Backcountry Freestyle

We gathered all the best premium materials in this board and carefully developed its profile and construction to reach the best performances a snowboard can offer. The Shaman is truly versatile but particularly adapted to backcountry freestyle; its long distinctively-shaped tip and tail allows for maximum float in powder but also for satisfying presses, in pow or on piste. This mystical board is the answer you were waiting for. Fantastic rides through snow-covered forests, mind-blowing steep lines at Mach2, freestyle adventures between fir trees and pillow lines, stratospheric tricks in the park or extreme carving on piste.
Its 100% natural bamboo topsheet, foundation of the Borealis concept, reduces vibrations and brings pop, response and a more organic feeling to the ride. Its new Element Core combines for the first time poplar, bamboo and basalt beams for an absolutely explosive result: an ultra-dynamic pop, feather-light weight and perfect response. You won't manage to stop smiling riding this beauty so close it is to perfection. Slightly tapered for increased float in powder, medium 6/10 flex and Hybrid Rocker (parabolic rocker on the whole length - camber under each foot). The Shaman is an ideal "do-it-all" board if you like riding in variable conditions, on any kind of snow. Its Sidewaves 5.0 also offer comfort and a feeling of security on hard snow and ice. What else?

  • Program

    • Backcountry Freestyle
    • Freeride
    • Powder
    • Park
    • Everyday Cruising
    • Carving
    • Sustainability

      • Organic Bamboo Topsheet
      • Certified FSCĀ© wood Element Core
      • Zero-VOC Resin
      • Basaltech Natural Volcanic Fiber
      • Developped in the carbon-neutral Borealis HQ
      • Green Wax - Factory-Waxed with Oneball Jay Green
      • Construction

        • HYBRID CAMBER - This profile is ideal for deep powder float and solid grip on hard snow. Parabolic rocker on the whole length for easy turns and glide - camber under each foot for grip.


        • SIDEWAVES 5.0 - Three extra contact points are added to the sidecut to improve edge-hold and carve through tough and icy terrain like a blade slicing sashimi.


        • BAMBOO TOPSHEET - This board is equipped with a 100% organic bamboo topsheet, making it dynamic, reducing chatter/vibrations and offering a more natural feel to the ride. It also reduced by 40% the quantity of plastic present in the board.


        • ELEMENT CORE - All our wood cores are FSC-Certified, which means the forests they come from are socially, economically and environmentally viable, allowing today's and long-term needs to be met durably. The Element Core is a super light wood core made from a blend of special woods reinforced with basalt. Dynamic, snappy and durable.


        • ZERO-VOC RESIN - This board is assembled using a Zero-VOC Resin, which is a long-lasting and high-performance alternative to classic epoxy resins.


        • ELECTRA GRAPHITE SINTERED BASE - This premium high-molecular density base is simply the best base material available on the market. Reach mind-blowing speeds in no time on any terrain and snow temperature. High impact-resilience and great wax-absorption.


        • TRIAXIAL FIBREGLASS - This composite is weaved in 3 different angles, bringing precision, reactivity and stability to the board. High longitudinal and torsional stiffness.


        • CARBON POWER BEAMS - Our carefully-studied carbon reinforcement matrix are designed for each board's needs. Wether the aim is to boost pop, stability or precision, these beams are the central nervous system of your ride, making it more dynamic and swift.


        • ONE BALL GREEN WAX - Factory-Waxed with Oneball Jay Green made from soy beans

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