RSV8 Eleveight 9m

Eleveight RSV8 Freeride crossover Kite

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One kite fits all

The impressive versatility of the RS allows you to maximise your session in any condition and whatever your level. Its 3-strut delta shape makes the RS light, direct and stable, and you’ll feel at home at any spot whether you’re boosting big airs or just cruising.

Extraordinary efficiency

The exceptional aerodynamic design has extraordinary capabilities, allowing for just two kites to cover the whole wind range. The profile of the RS V8 gives superior low-end performance efficiency in any condition. The introduction of XT Light material in the 14m and 17m sizes now optimises performance in lower winds even further, as well as increases turning speeds.

Massive hangtime & easy upwind travel

A standout feature of the RS is its thrilling forward momentum and insane hangtime. Loop recovery is a breeze thanks to the improved angle of attack, and the RS swiftly travels upwind no matter the gusts or how choppy the water. You’ll love the versatile performance of the RS even if chasing waves, popping freestyle tricks, or just cruising.

Fast, agile and smooth

Dynamic smooth turning comes naturally to the RS with its fast and agile nature. The wingtip curvature has been adjusted to enhance dynamic performance, and a shift in the bridle attachment point reduces the bar pressure while improving the turn initiation

New for V8

‘Development never stops’ and we’re continually innovating which makes the RS V8 the best version yet! New panel cuts in the canopy now distribute force more efficiently, and a 3D bridle deflector will protect the kite from potential inversion.

Who is it for?

The RS kite is a versatile all-round choice whatever your style of riding. Its double-loop capabilities make it a favourite amongst big air riders, but it is most loved for freeriding yet can handle everything else in between. No matter your style, the RS is an all-round powerhouse that will get you stoked in seconds!


  • The bridle attachment point has shifted towards the tip for reduced bar pressure and improved turn initiation.
  • The wingtip curvature is adjusted to enhance dynamic turning performance.
  • The angle of attack has been altered to enhance loop recovery and improve double-loop capabilities.
  • XT Light material has been introduced in the 14m and 17m sizes, optimising performance in the lower wind range and increasing turning speed in larger sizes.

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