Kanoa Playground 5`8

Kanoa PLAYGROUND Shortboard - additional center volume

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen


Make every spot your personal playground.

This surfboard is based on a classic pintail shortboard with that little extra on width and volume making it the perfect all round and step up shortboard.

The wider outline gives more stability for the take off and saves paddling energy on the first days back on board. However, with its thin rails and slightly loose pintail this shape surfs like a performance shortboard once you are back at it. The hidden volume in the center of the board also allows to rip in smaller and mushier conditions.

The slight vee in the nose gives extra paddle speed. With a long single concave under the front foot, the bottom of the board is creating speed but will stay nice and lose at the same time. The vee towards the tail will be supporting your rail to rail manoeuvers. The Playground comes with a 5 fin setup, giving you the freedom to choose. To sum it up, this thing is a quiver killer!

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