Eleveight RSF Complete foil pack

The new Eleveight RSF is engineered with the latest performance technology

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Cross Over Freeride

Slick and intuitive, the new RSF foil is engineered with the latest performance technology for a range of modern foiling demands.

Performance features

  • Engineered for performance, speed and glide
  •  Latest technology reduces drag and turbulence
  •  Optimised shape for agile turns and dynamic carving
  •  Lightweight 3K twill carbon composite construction
  •  Interchangeable parts to customise your own setup


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Versatile Performance

The new evolution in foiling has arrived! Packed with the latest cutting-edge technology, the RSF delivers versatile performance with reduced drag and intuitive handling.

Optimised flow

Engineered for optimised hydrodynamic flow, the slick design has evolved through in-house development and rigorous testing in partnership with our team riders and engineers. Throughout the innovation process, we eliminated any corners, edges or angles that create turbulence to achieve our own new drag-reduced hydrofoil system.

Unique eye to detail

Every intricate detail has been included to allow for the cleanest possible flow of water throughout the whole RSF system. Our highly unique Teardrop front wing connection harmonically guides water flow back together for a clean release at the trailing edge of the front wing and reduces turbulences. Extreme carves become possible when winging in waves or performing advanced freestyle manoeuvres.

Smooth Lift

The well-balanced front wing shape allows for smooth lift and amazing turning characteristics. The strategic top and bottom placement positions for the wing and stabiliser also sit flush with the fuselage to minimise drag and enable a huge range in speed potential with low stall speeds and high possible max speeds.

3K Twill Carbon Construction

Constructed using 3K twill carbon composite over a moulded foam core, the light materials guarantee maximum stiffness and durability. All unnecessary weight has been removed including in the mast base plate with our unique lightweight Skeleton system. The solid Smart Force Connection of the mast foot has also been optimised for force transmission, allowing even the smallest impulses to be felt by the rider in a stiff foil system.

Modular System

The completely modular system has interchangeable parts for different performance setups. The RSF has a wide range of use from beginner to expert and according to which foil sport you choose.

Whether using a wing, kite or only a board, the RSF will exceed your foiling demands and take your performance to the next level!

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