Curfboard PRO performance Kit

Pro Performance Kit

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

With the Pro Performance Kit, your Curfboard ride is not just upgraded – it is transformed!

This addition to your Curfboard board provides a next level of smooth and surfy turning from one side to the other, giving you the edge you want to slice through every turn.

At Curfboard, we believe in continuous improvement. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted the Pro Performance Kit to address the needs of our more advanced riders even better. Drawing from your feedback, we’ve engineered this effective tuning solution to get you further on your surfskate progression.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders, the Pro Performance Kit is tailored for those seeking deeper lean and even more radical turns. Experience unparalleled control, enhanced responsiveness, and the ability to extract maximum performance from each and every turn.

Take your Curfboard journey to the next level with the Pro Performance Kit. Unleash the next level of power for your ride and experience the thrill of pushing boundaries like never before.

Ideal for:

  • Intermediate to advanced riders
  • Riders who are looking for a deeper lean and more radical turns
  • Riders who want to get the maximum out of every turn
  • Riders who prefer riding bowls or pump tracks
  • Features

    • Increased lean for your Curfboard front truck
    • Three adjustment options for back truck for advanced fine-tuning



    • 2 Curfboard 5-degree wedges (angled riser pads)
    • Longer set of screws and nuts to match the new possible different setups for your trucks

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