Curfboard Fish PRO, Wooden Dream

Surfskate FISH PRO Wooden Dream

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The latest addition to our lineup, the FISH PRO is designed for those who love a surfy ride. With three design versions you will surely find the board that matches your personal style: Dawn PatrolOcean love or Wooden Dream.

The deeper concave of the deck and the slight nose kick will lock in your front foot in a comfortable and stable position when doing radical turns, snaps or even lay-backs. The deck’s width, its carefully designed rocker-line and tail-shape support that perfect grip that make you feel safe when practicing new moves and improving your surf skating game.

This board comes in a performance surfskate setup that includes our pro performance kit already. With wedged riser pads and a slightly increased deck position to allow for more lean and even smoother turns, riding this board will make you will feel as if you ride your shortboard in in the water.

Whether on flats, in the bowls or pump tracks, this board will become your go-to quiver once you uncovered its potential.

Surfing’s roots have inspired us with this design. The Hawaiian kings with their first wooden boards gave us the gift and joy of surfing. Carry their heritage forward with your individual riding style when you’re riding your board and have fun!

Thanks to the patented Curfboard front-truck without bushings or springs, the truck self-adjusts to your weight and riding level. No tightening, maintenance or manual adjustment needed. At higher speeds, the truck becomes more stable and prevents speed wobbles. And even during the tightest turns, wheelbites (wheels touching the board) are a thing from the past with our special surfskate truck and the slightly elevated deck position of our performance surfskate board.

Ideal for:

  • Beginners to advanced riders wanting to train surf maneuvers
  • Tight turns and sessions in the park, riding pump-tracks, or just cruising along the street with surfy feel
  • Advanced surf maneuver training such as lay-backs and fins-outs
  • Anyone between 20 – 100kg (trucks automatically adjust to your weight)

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