Vision Custom Glide Hydrofoil Boards

Vision Custom Glide Hydrofoil Boards

Designed, Developed and hand crafted on Jæren. Our Surf, Wing & Kite hydrofoil boaards are 100% carbon fiber and are custom made to your wishes,  or we have stock designes to help guid you onto the correct board. Boards take 3_4 weeks to build once the shape is agreed apon.

Prices start from 8999.

Contact us via email or call us with any questions.

Shinn Hydrofoils

The Shinn Suprahydro series hydrofoils have also been our favourites this year. The 1200 and 1400 hydrofoil front wings are great allround wings with a good balance of speed, lift and turning. If you are just getting into wing foiling then the 1650 and 1950 offer early lift and max control at slower speeds so you can progress quickly. The 75cm aluminum hydrofoil mast offers great performance for wing foiling on flatter waters but if you will be going out to ride swells in the ocean then the longer 90cm carbon mast is highly recommended to help keep the front wing in the water on high speed glides.

If you do not see exactly what you need listed here, then don't hesitate to contact us. We can have orders delivered in under 10 days.

Full hydrofoil setups, all sizes availible with aluminium or carbon masts

Shinn hydrofoil front wings

Hydrofoil mast 75 - 90cm in Aluminium or Carbon

Hydrofoil Stabilisers & Fuselages

Shinn NUBO wingfoil boards

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