King of the sky Norway

Entrance to King of the sky Norway

Welcome to the first King of the sky Norway 2023

We are super excited to invite all kiters based in Norway to compete against each other to claim the first King/Queen of the sky Norway. 

How to enter.

It is super easy to enter. Klick on and buy yourself a ticket via the link below. The competition window is from APRIL 1st and will run until OCTOBER 1st. You are welcome to join and enter the competition at any time. Only riders that have bought and paid for their spot are eligible for the title and prizes.

Bigair kiteboarding in Norway (visionoutdoor.no)

Once you have purchaised a spot all you need to do is download the SURFR APP and login or register yourself as a new user. In the app, our sponsor Surfr have set up a spot called KING OF THE SKY NORWAY. Here you will register your session and your highest jumps

The Surfr. App - Apps on Google Play

How do we choose a winner?

All sessions that you log via the Surfr app between 1 April and 1 October in King of the sky Norway event will be counted. We will take your best 3 jumps and create a total jump height. The rider with the highest total meterage will be crowned King of the sky Norway. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 riders and the top female rider.


Norwegian based riders only.

Water sessions only.

Ticket holders only.

Sessions must be registered in Norway

Ride at your own risk.

That's it.

Winners will be announced 14th October 2023.

We are very proud to have Sooruz, Eleveight kites and Surfr app as Sponsors and that means that we have some amazing prizes for the winners.

So a huge thanks to our sponsors.

Eleveight | Eleveight Kites

Sooruz Surfwear Company

Surfr. – The ultimate kiteboarding app (thesurfr.app)

Good luck to all. Have fun and ride safe

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